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How To Edit Microsoft Documents Stored In SkyDrive on iPad

by Lela Donelson on September 25, 2012

12/2012: Update: CloudOn for iPad/iPhone now supports SkyDrive for editing, creating  and uploading Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoints!(read more)

The number one search criteria that brings people to my blog is “how to edit documents in SkyDrive on iPad.”  I have written several articles about this but here is one more and then no more!

There are several ways to edit documents stored in SkyDrive on your iPad unfortunately SkyDrive isn’t one of them. Documents stored in SkyDrive can be viewed  in the SkyDrive mobile app but you cannot edit them.  You can open your documents stored in SkyDrive on your iPad using several document editing apps.  The problem is you cannot upload your edited document back to SkyDrive. Your best option after you edit your document in another app is to email the document to yourself upon completion.  Microsoft does not play nice with other apps.  Microsoft wants you to signup for their subscription service (SaaS) Office 365.  There are other better options for storing your microsoft Office documents that allow you to edit the documents and upload them back to the original storage source.  My two favorites are SugarSync and Google Drive.  Google has a Microsoft Office plugin, Cloud Connect, that will automatically upload your documents from your desktop to Google Drive. My favorite iPad/iPhone editing apps are QuickOffice Pro HD and Cloudon. From the  Quickoffice Pro HD and Clouon apps documents can be downloaded from Google Drive for editing. You can also create documents in these two apps but you cannot create a document in SkyDrive.

Tap SkyDrive icon Tap document to edit Tap Square with arrow at bottom right of screen Tap open in another app We used Quickoffice Pro HD for this demonstration

After editing the document email the document to yourself or someone else.

You cannot upload to SkyDrive so you must email the document to yourself or someone else or save it to your iPad In Quick Office Pro just Drag N Drop the  file to eMail it to yourself or someone else


See you in the cloud!


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