Co-Work Etiquette

My co-work location offers many  amenities.  We have telephone rooms, an outdoor patio, separate seating areas and lounges, for meetings, and conference rooms you can pay hourly for.  There are booths that can be used for eating or meeting space as well. Yet in spite of all these options there are people who will congregate in the open seating area and hold loud live conferences with team mates.  The fact that you are sitting there trying to concentrate and figure something out is meaningless to them. Apparently they believe that whatever you are doing pales in comparison to their highly important meeting. One has to wonder are they unaware of the many amenities available to them just for these types of meetings?  Do they actually believe that you cannot possibly be doing anything important?

Even if your co-work location does not offer all the amenities of mine you can go outside to have animated phone conversations.  If your meeting is this important then rent a conference room and split the cost with your coworkers. Should you see someone actually turn and hunker down in their chair while on a phone call take a hint you are being disruptive and loud!  I am paying a premium in order to have the amenities I mentioned. I use one of the phone rooms when I am doing webinars. When I have guests visit we go to one of the lounges or seating areas.  Co-work only works if everyone is courteous. Unless you are involved in matters of national security you are not doing anything more important than everyone else in the room. If you are involved in national security why are you in a co work environment?

Co-work is a great option for anyone who has a home based or small business or who does not need a full time office. It is economical and even if you have a home office, I do, it allows you to be in a professional environment and not isolated at home. For me it is important because I do not get distracted by household issues and  friends.  It is my office.  It is where I go to work.  So whether you co-work to save money on a full time office or because you need to be in a professional work environment please be courteous. You really are not the most important person in the room.

Tips For Hiring A Website Developer

How Much Website Related Stress Would You Like to Avoid?

By Iris Salmins

Whether you are about to get a new website, are getting an old site updated or have a static website, this list is important.

1. Do not hire an out of town website company.
2. Do not hire a website company unless you have met with the owner in-person.
3. No matter how much you trust your website contact, get everything in writing. You nor they have a perfect memory and if one of you forgets an important detail that has only been shared verbally, you may not only have business related stress and possible website problems, you will also have jeopardized a trusted relationship.

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TechSmith Video Capture On Mobile Devices

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

TechSmith Capture Screen Recording for iPhone/iPad

Have you ever needed to demonstrate how to do something on your mobile device and share it on your blog or YouTube? There are several screen recording options available for iPhone and iPad. There are also several for Android mobile devices but since I do not use an Android device I did not test them. I did test TechSmith Capture on my iPhone 8 and found it easy to use and a great tool.

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Work In Two Applications On Your iPad

Photo from Unsplash by Taras Shypka

Recently I needed to view a storyboard, to keep me on track, and read a script while screen recording on my laptop. I could use my iPad for either the story board or the script but I thought  I might need yet another device to view both. After some investigation I discovered that I can open, and work independently, in two applications at once on my iPad.  Here are the four easy steps: Continue reading “Work In Two Applications On Your iPad”

My Go To Apps

There are, almost literally, tons of apps out there! All designed to boost your productivity and convenience. With so many to choose from how do you know which one is best for any particular need? Ultimately that is a decision you will need to make for yourself via test drives. In this article I want to expose you to my preferred apps and explain why I chose them.  Someone you know out there may have other preferences but these are mine:

Google Keep

There are competing applications out there. The best known one being Evernote. I have both but most often use Google Keep because I am a G Suite for business user.  I like the advantage of having everything accessible from my inbox. Not to mention free is good. Evernote does have a free version as well. Continue reading “My Go To Apps”

Partnering With Your Client


Partnering with your clients

By: Marian LaSalle

A true business to client partnership is caring and sharing the profits and risks. You both have to work as a team if you want to be successful. If you don’t, you’ll both work harder, each task will stretch out longer and add complications. A true professional cares about the people side of their job too. And if you take the time to set this partnership up right, it will actually make your job easier.

When you want to truly partner with your clients a great way to show them you are serious is to take a sincere interest in their business. Go beyond what your product or service has to offer. You can research what is happening within your client’s industry and provide information you’ve learned about their competitors and their industry market trends. Helping your client to be more informed, more efficient and better at what they do, will demonstrate your commitment to truly partnering with them. Continue reading “Partnering With Your Client”

Low Cost Easy Website Builders


There are several low cost website builders available. They include WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace.  All offer a  free option or a free trial. No doubt other website builders are available but these are some of the better known options. All of these, however, are not simple. WordPress is not simple but if you decide to try WordPress anyway download cheatsheets here.  Wix and SquareSpace are by far the most simplistic. Wix and SquareSpace offer templates that guide you every step of the way.  The down side is you get few if any options to alter templates.

Weebly offers many features but the addition of those features makes it less simplistic than Wix or SquareSpace.  However Weebly has telephone support in addition to chat support and a user forum. The issue with Weebly’s telephone help is that most frequently the techs are unable to help you. The go to reason seems to be “this is a third party app and I don’t know anything about them”.  This in spite of the fact you added the app from their app store. I like to try to solve issues myself via trial and error, user forums and chat, however, when I have exhausted all of those options and still have not found my answer it is good to be able to call someone and get help.  My website,, is a Weebly site but it was a painful experience to create.  I do however like all the additional options it provides.

Wix also offers telephone support on its top premium plan. SquareSpace and WordPress do not offer telephone support.  GoDaddy offers a  “managed” WordPress option. My experience is that GoDaddy  cannot help with your WordPress issues because there are so many themes for WordPress. GoDaddy refers you to WordPress videos for specific WordPress issues. I suggest if you want a WordPress site, and are not someone who has, or wants, to take the time to figure it out get someone to create and manage it for you. I did this WordPress blog, and even though I consider myself to be somewhat savvy,  I needed help before I finished.

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Free WordPress Cheatsheets!

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash


Whether you are a WordPress beginner or a pro these cheatsheets make understanding and customizing WordPress easier! If you are in business you should be blogging about what you do. Blogging sends the message that you are knowledgeable and passionate about your product or service.

Many people think that if the network marketing company they represent has a blog that they need only link to those articles. While this does help you promote the product or service it doesn’t differentiate you from all of the other reps and it doesn’t promote you as a professional and someone who is passionate about their product or service.  Blogging, having  your own domain, and having a domain name email address sets you apart from everyone else.


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