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Be Safe! Use A VPN!

Public wifi hotspot/public wifi/coffee shop

Everyday it seems there is a new cyber security scare! Ransomeware, stolen identity, emails containing worms that allow nefarious types to highjack your email and use it to rip off your friends as well as you. We are truly never completely safe online anymore. This is going to be the first of a series of posts with tips about what we can do to be as safe as possible in the cyber world.

Most of us use public wifi at least occasionally. We use public wifi at our cowork space, our favorite coffee shop, restaurants, bars even the local grocery store.  We check our email on our phones, tablets or laptops.   Maybe we play music on Google Play, iTunes or another provider.  In order to do any of this and a lot of other things we do on the internet we have to provide our password and ID  or our devices automatically sign in. Either way that information is now available to anyone who knows how to snagit. The people with this knowledge who are lurking in public spaces are usually people who have criminal motives, or operatives of foreign governments or terrorist organizations.  You can however protect yourself by using a VPN.  VPN is the acronym for virtual private network.  Whether you use Android, Windows or Apple devices you can download a VPN at the appropriate app store.  VPN’s mask your device identity, and location and encrypts your data.  The general wisdom is that a purchased VPN is almost always better than a freeby, although I do have freebies on my mobile devices. For more information about how VPN’s work and how to choose one click this link

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