Do You Have Present Productivity?



By Marla Regan

Todays post is by Marla Regan. Organization is my biggest productivity struggle!
Marla Regan CCP, owner of Organized Time is a Productivity Specialist and Certified Family Manager ® Coach specializing in helping clients with their productivity in their home and office.
Do you have present productivity? When you are at work, do you take mental trips home or to school wondering if your child has everything they need for this day?  When you are at home, do you have your mind on work projects?  If your answer to either one of these questions is ‘yes, sometimes…well, most of the time’ then you do NOT have present productivity. Present productivity is when you can honestly be present on the project in front of you and not take a mental trip to ‘Elsewhere Land’. To avoid the distraction of the mental side trips we make, we need to consider the details of our day and that will include anyone we are responsible for including children, parents, friends, pets., etc.

Here are the tools needed to help cover the bases:

  • A specific time to plan for the day, week, and month by yourself and then with your work team and a day with your family
  • Calendar(s) *
  • One place to keep track of notes (keep handy when your brain remembers something random at a random time)

*Calendar. Everyone needs only one calendar. However, when the school, camp, after-school activity and or work schedules are available, these dates and events need to be incorporated in your one calendar. My only exception to this rule, it to have a family calendar available for the whole family to see, whether it is a paper calendar that is kept on the wall or counter at home or use Cozi, which is a phone app that allows everyone in your family to use and keep up with a family schedule.

Team meetings are necessary for communication on projects. Productivity is better when there is a team atmosphere and to know where help is needed and when to go to the next project. The same thing with families. I call this a family huddle. A time is set for the WHOLE family to come to the table. Everyone brings their calendar. Each person gets a turn to talk about what is coming up in the next week (school children go out 2 weeks). The planning for the upcoming week begins. The more things that can be planned, prepared, and packed up for the next week, the smoother the week will go and will have less stress!! With everything running smoothly at home, there will be less mental trips at work, thinking about home and family. Unless it is good stuff! This is how to have present productivityFor a complimentary 15- Minute Productivity Strategy Session, please email

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