The Stress Ninja!

By Shane Hennesey

This article is part of an ongoing series of guest posts by people I have found to be tops in their area of expertise. Todays article is by Shane Hennesey who is a licensed therapist and a practitioner of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation techniques. Stress has been my nemesis for most of my life. I worked exclusively for telecom startups back in the day and for 5 years owned my own telecom distribtorship! It was not unusual to be told “Welcome aboard. Here’s your desk. You have 90 days to prove yourself!”  Over the years stress took it’s toll on my mental and physical health. Shane has been very helpful in helping me overcome my companion “stress”

Listen to his podcast  MindfulX. Available on iTunes. Visit his

Entrepreneur Stress Optimization

We work for ourselves.

We are the boss.

We have stress.

There’s no getting around it.

What we do about it is where we can create gold for ourselves. Taking care of business in regards to our stress ripples out to everything we touch. The body reflects the head.

If your head is a mess, the business will be too.

Stress does not go away. It is part of our biological design. What we can do, is optimize it and our relationship to it. For that, I’m giving you 2 suggested practices, 1 bonus practice that will supercharge the first two and some app suggestions to help you along the way. In the instructional video, I will walk you through the details.


First practice is foundational. It is basic meditation or mindfulness. For 3-5 minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breath. When you find yourself drifting away, come back to the breath. In the video is a distinct instruction for making this easy.

Second practice is keeping a grateful learning journal. Crack open a new file on Google drive or whatever your favorite word processor. Inside, at the end of each day, document 5 things you are grateful for. Include in your list things that did not go well, that you are not grateful for. These you milk for the LESSON they teach and what you learned from them. Setting this as an end of day practice programs your radar to look for these things during the day.


The bonus supercharge practice is at the end of the video. Helpful app suggestions are in the show notes. Watch now!