Partnering With Your Client


Partnering with your clients

By: Marian LaSalle

A true business to client partnership is caring and sharing the profits and risks. You both have to work as a team if you want to be successful. If you don’t, you’ll both work harder, each task will stretch out longer and add complications. A true professional cares about the people side of their job too. And if you take the time to set this partnership up right, it will actually make your job easier.

When you want to truly partner with your clients a great way to show them you are serious is to take a sincere interest in their business. Go beyond what your product or service has to offer. You can research what is happening within your client’s industry and provide information you’ve learned about their competitors and their industry market trends. Helping your client to be more informed, more efficient and better at what they do, will demonstrate your commitment to truly partnering with them.

Keep your client updated

A great way to build confidence is to provide your client with an update before they think to ask for it. No news is ‘NOT GOOD NEWS’ to your client.  A common mistake people make is to wait until they have more information or, a better update before reaching out. Even if you have no news or bad news, providing updates to your clients proactively is best. Frequent communication reassures a client that their business is in good hands.

You may think that you’re bothering your client but if you keep them up-to-date with the processes that your company is going through to work on your project, they will be less likely to begin wondering if they are spending their money wisely.  Even if they don’t take the time to read it, they see that you have done the work and that you’re trying to keep them informed. Sharing the details of your efforts also gives you an opportunity to discuss other ways you and your staff/partners can help move the project along.


We all want referrals and happy clients and one of the best ways of doing that is to be honest with your clients about your capabilities. We always bring in partners on every single project that were involved in because we can’t be all things to all people, it never works. When you focus on providing the products and services that is easy for you, everyone wins. You will have less stress and the client will be happier as well. Bring in partners that do the best job they can do that complements your work. Get approval upfront for the extra cost. It will be worth it.


The term ‘partner’ with us is easy to talk about in sales presentations and marketing material. To truly be a partner, you need to be proactive and demonstrate you care about your client’s business. Being a true partner means supporting and advocating for your client’s business. This means doing the right thing even when it is seems like the hard thing.

Marian LaSalle