Tips For Hiring A Website Developer

How Much Website Related Stress Would You Like to Avoid?

By Iris Salmins

Whether you are about to get a new website, are getting an old site updated or have a static website, this list is important.

1. Do not hire an out of town website company.
2. Do not hire a website company unless you have met with the owner in-person.
3. No matter how much you trust your website contact, get everything in writing. You nor they have a perfect memory and if one of you forgets an important detail that has only been shared verbally, you may not only have business related stress and possible website problems, you will also have jeopardized a trusted relationship.

4. Details, details, details. You can not have too many details in your agreement.
5. The agreement should include whether you or the website company is responsible for finding images, creating text content and if it is an ecommerce site, who is responsible for finding the appropriate ecommerce/payment system and code needed to apply to the website.
6. Always own your hosting and get it from GoDaddy, HostGator, or BlueHost. Platforms such as WIX or Shopify provide hosting, which is fine.
7. Make sure your site is backed up with an easy reinstall if it gets malware. Bluehost backs up my sites one a day, one a week, and once a month. The reinstall takes at the most a couple of hours.
8. Always own your own domain name. Get it from the same company that is hosting your site.
9. Set up your domain name and hosting accounts to renew automatically.
10. Make a note of the renewal date along with the credit card and email address that are associated with the accounts. Keep these with your website related logins.
11. Make a note on an active calendar of the expiration date of the credit card and a note that it is associated with your domain name and hosting.

12. As soon as your website company starts creating your site, get the login full permissions. It doesn’t matter if you plan on making changes yourself or not.
13. The login information should include the URL to go to for the login and a username and password.
14. Never use any logins related to any financial venues or personal/business emails for anything else.
15. Your website related logins should be saved in two places on your computer, two non- digital places and be given to a trusted family member or friend.
16. Make a folder on your computer for website related items with a subfolder for images and a subfolder for text.
17. Use a system such as Trello to communicate with your website company and to share images and text. It will save you from needing to spend time searching for emails.
18. After the site is built, the website company should be willing to teach you and/or a team member how to make text and image changes, create new pages and new blogs and change menu tabs.
19. Make sure your agreement includes a turnaround time for your directives or content to be applied after received and/or a website completion date.
20. Your agreement should include a maintenance clause or the rate for future changes and updates.
21. After your site is completed take screen shots of each page.
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