Co-Work Etiquette

My co-work location offers many  amenities.  We have telephone rooms, an outdoor patio, separate seating areas and lounges, for meetings, and conference rooms you can pay hourly for.  There are booths that can be used for eating or meeting space as well. Yet in spite of all these options there are people who will congregate in the open seating area and hold loud live conferences with team mates.  The fact that you are sitting there trying to concentrate and figure something out is meaningless to them. Apparently they believe that whatever you are doing pales in comparison to their highly important meeting. One has to wonder are they unaware of the many amenities available to them just for these types of meetings?  Do they actually believe that you cannot possibly be doing anything important?

Even if your co-work location does not offer all the amenities of mine you can go outside to have animated phone conversations.  If your meeting is this important then rent a conference room and split the cost with your coworkers. Should you see someone actually turn and hunker down in their chair while on a phone call take a hint you are being disruptive and loud!  I am paying a premium in order to have the amenities I mentioned. I use one of the phone rooms when I am doing webinars. When I have guests visit we go to one of the lounges or seating areas.  Co-work only works if everyone is courteous. Unless you are involved in matters of national security you are not doing anything more important than everyone else in the room. If you are involved in national security why are you in a co work environment?

Co-work is a great option for anyone who has a home based or small business or who does not need a full time office. It is economical and even if you have a home office, I do, it allows you to be in a professional environment and not isolated at home. For me it is important because I do not get distracted by household issues and  friends.  It is my office.  It is where I go to work.  So whether you co-work to save money on a full time office or because you need to be in a professional work environment please be courteous. You really are not the most important person in the room.

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