My Go To Apps

There are, almost literally, tons of apps out there! All designed to boost your productivity and convenience. With so many to choose from how do you know which one is best for any particular need? Ultimately that is a decision you will need to make for yourself via test drives. In this article I want to expose you to my preferred apps and explain why I chose them.  Someone you know out there may have other preferences but these are mine:

Google Keep

There are competing applications out there. The best known one being Evernote. I have both but most often use Google Keep because I am a G Suite for business user.  I like the advantage of having everything accessible from my inbox. Not to mention free is good. Evernote does have a free version as well. Continue reading “My Go To Apps”

Bananaaaa! (tag) Bananatag/Mailtag Email Tracking

Ever send an email and wonder if the person read it? Was your strategy dependent upon that email being read?  For example if they didn’t read it, or if they did read it and didn’t reply, time to move on. What if they read it immediately?  Whether an email is read or not and how long it takes to get a reply can be very important information for creating your strategy with that client.

Fortunately there are some very good options for email tracking. Bananatag, which works well with Gmail/G Suite, and Outlook and MailTag which is limited to Gmail/G Suite., are two options. Both offer a free version. Bananatag’s free version is limited to tracking 5 emails a day.  MailTag has a more powerful free version, and though it works well, the down side is a “Sent with MailTag” footer. Both options offer paid versions.

Continue reading “Bananaaaa! (tag) Bananatag/Mailtag Email Tracking”

Cloud Accounting Service-FreshBooks

Invoicing, payment tracking, online payment acceptance, expenses, receipts, time tracking, projects, profit and loss reports and more all in in one easy to use                 application.   

Freshbooks is the all in one accounting system for small businesses and solopreneurs.  If QuickBooks is more than you need or too complicated FreshBooks could be the answer.  Every year at tax time email the reports generated by FreshBooks to your CPA and you are  done!

From the FreshBooks Dashboard you can at a glance view how much you are owed, your year to date profit, how much you are  spending and what you are spending on.  It’s an easy navigation from the dashboard to several in depth built in reports. Continue reading “Cloud Accounting Service-FreshBooks”