TechSmith Video Capture On Mobile Devices

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

TechSmith Capture Screen Recording for iPhone/iPad

Have you ever needed to demonstrate how to do something on your mobile device and share it on your blog or YouTube? There are several screen recording options available for iPhone and iPad. There are also several for Android mobile devices but since I do not use an Android device I did not test them. I did test TechSmith Capture on my iPhone 8 and found it easy to use and a great tool.

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Work In Two Applications On Your iPad

Photo from Unsplash by Taras Shypka

Recently I needed to view a storyboard, to keep me on track, and read a script while screen recording on my laptop. I could use my iPad for either the story board or the script but I thought  I might need yet another device to view both. After some investigation I discovered that I can open, and work independently, in two applications at once on my iPad.  Here are the four easy steps: Continue reading “Work In Two Applications On Your iPad”