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This is the last of three posts about things we can do to keep our data and private information as safe as is possible in todays online environment.  Boxcryptor encrypts files that you  store in the cloud. encrypts your emails in transit. Boxcryptor not only encrypts your files so that they are illegible but protects encrypted files from Meltdown and Spectre! Boxcryptor is free for non commercial use which allows you to install Boxcryptor on 2 devices, upload to…

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This is the second article in the series on cyber security and what you can do to discourage "that guy"  When you send your files as email attachments they go flying through cyberspace available to anyone savvy enough to reach out and grab them. Even files you upload to your cloud provider are not safe. More on that in another article. Most of us are not sending top secret files but we do sometimes send info that if intercepted could…

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Be Safe! Use A VPN!

Everyday it seems there is a new cyber security scare! Ransomeware, stolen identity, emails containing worms that allow nefarious types to highjack your email and use it to rip off your friends as well as you. We are truly never completely safe online anymore. This is going to be the first of a series of posts with tips about what we can do to be as safe as possible in the cyber world. Most of us use public wifi at…

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